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A radical shake-up is expected in local and national laws to take the UK High Street into 24/7 mode helping to create millions of new jobs.

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New law means shops and services to go 24/7 to compete with Internet and create jobs across the UK
From 2014 Prediction 1
From 2014 Prediction 2

Banker bashing and wealthy-walloping has left the well-heeled of many EU nations scrambling for personal bodyguards...

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From 2014 Prediction 3

Dramatic new announcements concerning the role that Male Sperm plays in the formation of genetic abnormalities in children are...

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Private Security Firms to grow as Communities, business and the rich arrange their own protection
Male sperm holds key to tracing genetic abnormalities before conception

Since the 1950’s there has been tentative research conducted on the part that stress plays in the formation of all types of cancer. Specifically, negative stress....

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From 2014 Prediction 5

For patent holders of new inventions across the entire manufacturing industry, the advent of 3d print technology is to them what Napster was to Music artists.

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From 2014 Prediction 6

We are forecasting a strong turnout with a high No vote as Scottish voters baulk at the high cost and high risks associated with splitting from the UK.

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From 2014 Prediction 4
Cancer-research homing in on stress as major cause for most, if not all, cancers
3d printers will create millions of new jobs as entrepreneurs embrace the possibilities
Scottish independence referendum will be resoundingly rejected as voters choose stability

Since 2008, the necessary correction in UK residential and commercial property asset prices has not been allowed to happen.

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Following a highly successful meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Spring of this year, Vatican officials were able to arrange...

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From 2014 Prediction 9

While National Governments obsess over the use of the Dark Web for terrorist activities, the real threat to social stability lies in the overt threat to...

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From 2014 Prediction 7
Over-priced UK house values to fall sharply as EU tightens Lending restrictions
Sex abuse cases to explode as unrestricted-porn bypass controls through the use of the Dark-Web
Pope Francis unites Catholic and Muslim in plea for the poor as he meets with new Iranian President
From 2014 Prediction 8

Conceived 5 years ago but delayed by market conditions, Apple is finally launching its stand-alone iNET TV. A fully integrated HD, Television, web-ready set, complete with...

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Rapid advancement in drone technology across all fronts is creating a seismic shift in surveillance, crime-fighting and war activities.

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From 2014 Prediction 12

In scenes reminiscent of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, the border of death separating North from South Korea has been irrevocably breached.

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From 2014 Prediction 10
From 2014 Prediction 11
Apple TV to be launched this year as an all-in-one digital entertainment centre
Urban drones take surveillance to new level in crime fighting and infantry tactics
North Korea to be liberated in 2014 as internal pressures undermine conformity